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If texting were available 2000+ years ago...

Thursday 11:43 pm

  • Still up?
  • Barely…everything ok?
  • Knew I could count on you to be up!!  
  • Rough night. 
  • Not feeling so well.
  • What’s the matter?  Where are you?
  • Outside…needed fresh air.  Anxious about tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow??
  • Complicated…you will hear things
  • Not sure what you mean…what can I do? 
  • Hard to explain now.  Just needed to reach out to someone.
  • Thanks for being there.
  • Of course.
  • I’ll have My mother text you.  It will all make sense by Sunday.
  • Your Mother? 
  • Yes. 
  • Please pray for her & for me.
  • Will be thinking of you the whole time…
  • Have to go…someone’s coming…
  • Who's coming...
  • Are you there?

Friday 1:30 am

  • Are you ok?  Please text me as soon as you get this

Friday 4:05 pm

  • I know my son texted you yesterday. 
  • I have his phone.
  • Tried to call you…your phone must be off.  Sorry I have to tell this to you in a text.
  • He died just over an hour ago.  He told me to tell you as soon as I could. 
  • You two have been such friends...He spoke of you so often to me and always with that big smile of his!! (I want you to know that He whispered your name towards the end of his agony.)
  • All will be well…those were his words.  It will.
  • I have to go…have to tend to the burial arrangements. 
  • Please text/call as many people as you can to let them know.
  • Please pray.

Sunday 8:05 am

  • Good morning!!!  It's me...Jesus!!
  • At the tomb.  
  • Meet me as soon as you can!




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